Thursday, September 3, 2009


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our baby girl is being so good. I really feel sorry for her being misplaced, but aside from a few bumps in the road she is adjusting so well. Probably better than her mom and dad. She hasn't had too much trouble sleeping in Addison's bed- although sleep has been the most difficult adjustment.

Here she is after having a little trouble getting to sleep. Eventually she just can't stay awake any longer and she goes to sleep in whatever position she is in.

And here she is with her daddy. She seems to really miss him while he is working. We were both spoiled this summer by getting to hang out with him all the time!! But Audrey is SO CUTE when Jon comes home from work. She is really glad to see her daddy everyday. She kicks her legs and waves her arms for Jon to give her some attention. And she likes to say da-da when she is playing and ma-ma when she is sad.

And Audrey is sad because her teeth are hurting. She has 3 teeth now. Two on top and one on bottom. The top ones are all the way through and look so big in her little mouth. Sorry there are no pictures yet. It's pretty hard to get them in a photo.

I think Audrey likes Addison's toys more than her own. She will sit and play in the toy corner the whole time she is awake. Her favorite toys are the pink doll house and the bouncy ball. She likes to take all the little people out of the doll house and she likes to hear the telephone ring. Every time the doll house's phone rings, she looks back at me as if I should be answering the phone. It is really cute.

She likes to chase the ball around the room. Jon likes to kick it around the house. Audrey does not give up in her chase of the ball no matter how many times Jon kicks it!!

Oh, and Audrey is driving now. It's been such a LONG time since we've seen most of you that it probably feels like Audrey could drive now.

So we leave you with Audrey's "I miss you so much and I really want you to come see me" face.

Who could say no to a face like that?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

She's Six and a Half Months Old!!

In the last 2 days our little baby has learned to pull to her knees and then to her feet. Yesterday she climbed a step--- twice.

And we bought a house....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Audrey is 5 months old!!!

Our neighbors are letting us use their internet, so I guess I better post some pictures for the grandparents.

Audrey is doing great. She started rolling over all the way about a week ago. There is no stopping her now--- well, until she runs into the wall or the couch there is no stopping her. She is even scooting a little bit. If I turn my back for just a second, then when I look back she is all the way across the room. I think she waits until I turn my back. I tried to upload video, but I just couldn't figure it out. Maybe we can try again when Jon gets home.

Today is Jon's last day of school. It is going to be a fun summer. Hopefully we will move into the new house soon and we will spend plenty of time with grandparents. We have several trips planned. (THANKS GRANDPARENTS!!!!) We are going to the lake, to Nashville, to the beach, and to Gatlinburg. WOW! I love being a stay at home mom.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Late baby, late post.

Thank Goodness she is here and healthy!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I guess we'll have a Chrsitmas baby.

I have until Monday to have this baby naturally and then the doctors will induce. Please pray that baby will come before Monday. Some people fear spiders, but I fear medicine. It's not a conviction, it's not even that thought through; i'm just afraid. It is easy for me to believe that God has equipped my fallen body to handle things such as childbirth, but it's not so easy for me to believe that God has allowed us medicine that can aide the process. I know that's not reasonable, but especially at 41.5 weeks pregnant, i'm not a reasonable person.

If baby doesn't come we will go to the hospital on Sunday night for the doctors to put some kind of "let's make the cervix ready" cream in me. That could send us into labor. If it doesn't send me into labor I can see Sunday night going two ways..... 1- I cry all night because the cream isn't working and i'm in a hospital and i'm afraid of labor with drugs or 2- I am comforted by all the great hospital staff and have more confidence in God's provision of medicine by Monday morning. Let's all pray for the second!! (But most of all let's pray that baby comes before Sunday.)

Here's me last weekend outside the Memphis Zoo. I heard that babies like to come when there is a full moon, so i made sure the moon saw my full belly. It didn't work. All the walking didn't work either... or the primerose oil... or the caster oil... or anything else we tried.

But we will have our sweet baby this time next week... all 8 pounds 6 ounces of her if the ultrasound predicted right. ;)

I am really excited about being a mother and about seeing Jon as a daddy. It will be nice to sit (or stand bouncing and hitting a baby's bottom) on Christmas day and ponder the birth of Christ along with the birth of our baby. It makes things a little more real this Christmas season to be soooo GREAT with child.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I'm super excited for several reasons. First, our baby is due on Sunday. I can't wait to meet her!! It will be so nice just to get to see what she looks like and to kiss her sweet face. Please pray that she comes soon, that the labor goes well, and that she is healthy. I really want to have natural childbirth, so it would be really nice not to be induced and not to have to get an epidural. Jon's been GREAT the last few weeks. He is going to be such a help once I go into labor. I have the BEST husband.

Reason #2 for intense excitement: Yesterday was my last day at work. I was going to work until the baby came, but I changed my mind. Funny thing is that I didn't change my mind until yesterday morning. Jon said he was all for me quiting early, so at 9:00 I asked my boss permission and at 11:30 I left Forest Cove for good. Yesterday afternoon and today have been so great!!

Reason #3 for being super excited: It's Christmas. And Christmas is my FAVORITE!!!!! This Christmas is extra special because it is Jon and I's first Christmas as a married couple. It is so fun to establish our own Christmas traditions. We went to get out tree on Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent. Jon had never been to a Christmas Tree Farm, but I insisted and I'm glad I did. Jon says he will look forward to going again next year. Growing up I would look forward to picking our tree all year long. I can't imagine not having a real tree. They smell so good.

Here's me hugging a random tree.

This is the one we finally picked out. It was the first one we saw, but I made Jon chase me through all the other trees anyway.
I like that the baby is in this picture!!!

Here is almost the finished product. Since then Aaron and Alice have lent us a box full of extra ornaments that some of the girls at church made last year. The lights are Brian and Cindy's. I like that our first tree is full of other people's things. It makes me happy to think of them when I look at the tree.